Byagi Introduces “ALineProducer”

What is a ALineProducer?  It is the ultimate digital experience for managing the budget of a Hollywood Production.  Great people and processes lift everyone around them and that is exactly what ALineProducer does.  For the first time in the history of the Entertainment Industry there is a digital tool for every cast and crew member to manage their line items on the production.

ALineProducer manages the line items in a budget and allows for everyone to communicate and contribute their financial information on a Entertainment Industry production.  ALineProducer is a software as a services business solution.

  1. It delivers value no matter what skill level.  
  2. It works no matter what budget level.  
  3. It makes newbies look like pro’s in documentation management.  
  4. It gives veterans real-time financial updates.
  5. It creates custom reports for any data being collected in the system.    

The digital work flow we have created is intuitive.  We are confident ALineProducer will help make communicating with each other about the finances of your project easy.  The real-time information will help virtually everyone make better financial decisions.