Byagi introduces ALineProducer
Byagi takes Hollywood’s financial solutions from analog to digital

WELCOME TO BYAGI, where we are building digital technology driven business solutions for the Entertainment Industry.

What is our goal?  To move all financial processes on a Hollywood production into a digital environment.  To create a revolution in how productions handle their business of making movies.  To collect the information from the source, store, manage, process, report, and share that information in a digital environment.  

Who is Byagi?  We are a technology-driven information system developer and company.  We sell Software as a Service to the Entertainment Industry.  Our new ALineProducer web application has changed the field to play the financial management game on a production in Hollywood.  We are fast, efficient, effective and powerful with an easy to use interface.  

Have the information on your terms
Any device virtually anytime

Byagi was born in 2007, when founder Aaron Walrod was working in New York City on a feature film for Warner Bros.  At that time– and still– a popular way to process millions of dollars of accounts payable and payroll is to do it with pen, paper, ten-key, and outdated software.  There was (AND even 10 years later, still is) a need for people to be able to come together on a digital platform to work and share their financial information.  Financial technology-driven web applications in Hollywood are virtually non-existent.  Byagi has made the journey to the market with our software as a service, ALineProducer.  We also offer a Visa purchase card and payroll solutions that use current technology.  Today’s tools are mobile devices, the cloud, (Blockchain technology, soon?), web/mobile apps, and ALineProducer by Byagi.

We know that doing your best work in the fast pace of production life can get bogged down by the current paper solutions being used in the industry.  ALineProducer takes all those obstacles away.  It gives Department Heads and Coordinators the ability to track their costs in one place that is shared with Producers, Accountants and other Stakeholders on the production.  Your financial questions are being answered by the minute.  Questions like, Where are we at in Set Operations?  What Purchase Orders have balances?  Where are the invoices for the camera package?  We have those answers and more available virtually anywhere at anytime.  We have given back hours to creative crews so they can work their craft instead of tracking numbers and managing documentation.  

Byagi is intuitive
Easy to use

ALineProducer is the result of an inside perspective and decades of experience working on all sizes of projects.  Technology creates value when it does what it was built for.  Byagi has built the most accurate, hardest working ALineProducer in the Entertainment Industry.  ALineProducer is intuitive and easy to use.  Virtually anyone can be productive using our applications.

Clean, smooth, and obstacle free is what you will find with our interface.  ALineProducer is responsive, accurate, friendly, and available.  We don’t judge your ability because it doesn’t matter.  Transacting business is simple when you have the right tools.  

Contact Byagi to learn more about how we can help your company and productions “Go Digital”.  In addition you can check out our “Going Digital” Blog.  We have officially launched this year (2017), so we don’t have archives yet but check back frequently for updates.