Byagi Introduces “ALineProducer”

What is ALineProducer?

ALineProducer is the most inclusive web application available for tracking your productions finances.  It is the nuts and bolts for managing the line items of a production, approving costs, communicating real-time information, creating purchase orders, reporting, etc.  Managing the costs of a production is critical and our system helps stakeholders make better decisions with real-time information.  ALineProducer is efficient and effective.  It is one of the most powerful digital solutions to be introduced in the entertainment industry in decades.  While a human Line Producer has limits to availability, Byagi’s, ALineProducer, bridges that gap with constant up-time.  Get your work done virtually anywhere, anytime.

Byagi provides the nuts and bolts for Hollywood productions

ALineProducer provides the tools needed to manage the budget of a Hollywood production.  Currently there is a gap that until now has not been addressed for crews to communicate their financial needs in a mobile environment with Producers, Accountants, and other Stakeholders.  Whether it is getting a line item approved, purchase order to a vendor, tracking payments and budgets we have the answers and reports in real-time.


  • It delivers value no matter what skill level.  
  • It works no matter what budget level.  
  • It makes newbies look like professionals in documentation management.  
  • It gives veterans real-time financial updates.
  • It creates custom reports for any data being collected in the system.  

River Runs Through ItALineProducer has a clean user-friendly interface.  We have taken the steps to create an experience where the user gets only what they need and eliminates the archaic interfaces that many in the entertainment industry are accustomed to using.  We know you need certain reports so we create them as you go.  Reports are two clicks away.

ALineProducer Highlight

Login with your mobile device to get real time information, get line items approved, manage payments, run reports and more!

Byagi web & mobile apps

Byagi is there for you, ALineProducer is a digital version of what a human Line Producer would do when managing a budget in a digital environment for productions.  The software needs human interactions to produce the best decision making information.  A team effort is needed to maximize the benefits of technology.  When users come together they can do more and work at a higher level than if they go it alone.  Crews need to be able to communicate their budget, manage their finances, be able to track payments, create purchase orders, approve line items and run reports.  

Walking and working
Updated in real-time

Work  virtually anywhere with ALineProducer.  Byagi has created a place where department heads can enter payments on their line items as they happen, upload their invoices, receipts, W9’s, etc.  Everyone knows as it happens when you use ALineProducer.

We made a web application to access the financial information which we believe promotes a richer experience when deciding on resource allocation of a project.  Never leave cash on the table or lose sight and go over.  The pace of today’s production needs demands data be turned into useful information faster than ever.  In the entertainment industry where information is king, ALineProducer is the best information communication technology to be offered in decades.

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