Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are essential in the purchasing process and we have made generating and approving them a natural part of the work flow in a digital world.

Purchase Order & Payments

Track your Purchase Order and payments in one place

“I believe that everything we are seeing today in the social and collaborative circles can be attributed to two key changes in the world: culture and technology” (Morgan, J. 2012).  The Entertainment Industry needs technology driven solutions to handle the production/project side of the business.  The current pains of the paper driven solutions for production management cause a duplication of work by the crews.  For example a budget is made by a department head in an excel document to track spending.  The producer also has his/her own budget(s) and spreadsheet(s) to track purchases and rentals.  Accounting is keeping the official books and uses a variety of different types of software to track spending.

Another pain is moving documents around for approval.  Currently many productions physically send documents to the “signers”.  There are 100 plus million dollar projects still shipping paper documents over-night to be “signed & approved”.  Why would anyone still be physically passing around paper with the technology available today?  Do you know your SWOT?  Byagi knows.

Market Analysis

Does your company know their SWOT?

ALineProducer, is the collaborative way which stops the double, triple and quadruple work being done on productions as well as provide an audit trail, approval process, and document storage and management.  We ease the pain that is currently the paper process of purchasing and renting.  Getting the right information approved in a timely manner is important.  Using the current system depending on what phase the production is in getting approvals for purchase orders can send a document to multiple locations.  Why?  Byagi has an answer.  We chose to develop a digital platform a place to share information that gives users access from virtually anywhere at any time on any device.  Technology has bridged the gap and made document exchange digital instead of physical.

Using technology from start to finish in the payment process increases accuracy, efficiency and adds an additional layer of security.  The system captures, stores and manages all documentation a production needs for processing payments.  Most important, when a Producer is asked to approve a cost he/she will have confidence in making a decision because he/she will have access to the most current and relevant numbers.  We have integrated the financial chores of all departments on a production.

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System

Review, print, export, add to, “Go MAD” (modify, add, delete).  Every purchase order has an audit trail, approval and payment status.  Byagi has given crews a digital option that is intuitive, easy to use and will make anyone look like pro’s when handling one of the worst jobs of all time, paperwork.

The Byagi system has reached a major milestone in the history of doing business in the entertainment industry.  There is no longer a need to use paper, binders, folders, metal cabinets, 10-keys, pens, etc. to keep track of production costs.  Those items can now be placed next to the abacus in modern offices.  Stay current and relevant with your business solutions.  Go Digital!  Make Byagi your next move.


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